Agressively traumatizing everyone with our Collaborative Innovation movement campaign #innovasibersatu at this IoT hackaton. We encourage the participants to Deliver empathical innovation that can contribute sustainability for development our country and national communties. – with Marcino, Devina, Yurry, MakeDoNia, Sofian, Viking, Danny, Dirra, Artanto, and Rifan

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An Open Call for Volunteering in the innovation movement:

MakeDoNia sedang merekrut volunteer untuk mengajar anak2 yg berkaitan dengan inovasi di segala aspect. Saat ini MakeDoNia mengkampanyekan ttg Kolaborasi Ekosistem di ndonesia, dan melakukan pendekatan yang mengajak semua stakeholders utk ikut berkolaborasi dlm pergerakan ini.

Ada beberapa program yg berhubungan dengan mengajar anak2 yg akan dilakukan di MakeDoNia dengan sebuah startup di luar negri. Adapun volunteering di MakeDoNia sifat nya tidak mendapat bayaran, namun kami membuka kesempatan bagi volunteer kami untuk menjalin network dengan collaborative partners kami yg terdiri dari corporate companies, government instutition, makerspace network, ataupun community lainnya yg ada di Indonesia ataupun luar negri.

Jika ada yg berminat, silahkan hubungi Community and Volunteer Manager kami, Rifan Sevila, melalui email: subject email: volunteering makedonia for maker kids.

Selain maker kids, kami juga mengajak teman2 utk ikut menjadi volunteer dlm kegiatan makedonia lainnya yg mengkampanyekan Kolaborasi Inovasi yg bersifat adminstratif, operasional ataupun kreatif. Silahkan menghubungi manager kami, Rifan Sevilla di emaik yg sama: dengan subject: Volunteering with MakeDoNia.

Kami akan mengadakan volunteer meeting pada tanggal 21 maret untuk berbagi pengalaman ttg volunteering for innovation movement di MakeDoNia.

atas perhatian teman2 yg baik, saya pribadi mengucapkan banyak Terima Kasih.

Dina Kosasih
MakeDoNia Innovation
Making the Collaborative Innovation for Sustainable Development in Indonesia. – with Marcino, Devina, Yurry, MakeDoNia, Sofian, Viking, Danny, Dirra, Artanto, and Rifan

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Addicted to Toastmaster Meetings

Welcome to Kebayoran Toastmaster Club! As part of Toastmasters International, Kebayoran Toastmaster Club (KTMC) has been standing as one of the best clubs in Indonesia that facilitates its members in excelling their communication and leadership skills.

I’m very lucky to be part of KTMC, the club members always have their ways to make the meetings vibrant, cheerful, active, and full of laughter. Most of the new comers, who come to Toastmaster meeting for the first time, really enjoyed the atmosphere that KTMC created, and they decided to join the club at the end of the meeting. For the club members, we are more than enjoying the meetings, but we got addicted to always come to the meeting.

We’d rather skip our lunch hour, re-schedule our appointments, and refusing to accept job; than missing the club meeting that is held every Tuesday at 11.30 am. Although the meeting is held during lunch hour on regular working days, which is impossible for working people to attend, dedicated members always made the time to attend the meeting. If we did miss the meeting, we tried to catch up what happens in during the meeting from other club members on Facebook, or emails. We might want to ask for recorded video tape of interesting speeches presented during the meeting that we missed, and discussed about it for weeks.

Kebayoran Toastmaster Club has its own unique characters that are expressed through its dedicated members. We came from different backgrounds, and expressed our different personalities to blend into one solid Toastmasters club. The topics presented by KTMC members in their speech projects are very creative, and easy to comprehend. In KTMC meetings, we learnt how to unlock bras; the character of New Jersey state; investing in goats; exploring Singapore cheaper than you think; and much more creative topics that everyone can come up with and learn.

Aside from the club regular meetings, we also organized outside club gathering. The club was invited to a book launching in May 2010, we went karaoke-ing, and we also had a pool and potluck party recently.

We may fail our grades in School, we may get dissapointed in our relationships; but, in KTMC, we always encourage and support one another to achieve their individual and club goals. Every meeting of KTMC always made good memory that its members cherish in their lives. It’s not just a club, KTMC is a loving, and supporting family for those who want to excel their communication and leadership skills.