Agressively traumatizing everyone with our Collaborative Innovation movement campaign #innovasibersatu at this IoT hackaton. We encourage the participants to Deliver empathical innovation that can contribute sustainability for development our country and national communties. – with Marcino, Devina, Yurry, MakeDoNia, Sofian, Viking, Danny, Dirra, Artanto, and Rifan

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An Open Call for Volunteering in the innovation movement:

MakeDoNia sedang merekrut volunteer untuk mengajar anak2 yg berkaitan dengan inovasi di segala aspect. Saat ini MakeDoNia mengkampanyekan ttg Kolaborasi Ekosistem di ndonesia, dan melakukan pendekatan yang mengajak semua stakeholders utk ikut berkolaborasi dlm pergerakan ini.

Ada beberapa program yg berhubungan dengan mengajar anak2 yg akan dilakukan di MakeDoNia dengan sebuah startup di luar negri. Adapun volunteering di MakeDoNia sifat nya tidak mendapat bayaran, namun kami membuka kesempatan bagi volunteer kami untuk menjalin network dengan collaborative partners kami yg terdiri dari corporate companies, government instutition, makerspace network, ataupun community lainnya yg ada di Indonesia ataupun luar negri.

Jika ada yg berminat, silahkan hubungi Community and Volunteer Manager kami, Rifan Sevila, melalui email: subject email: volunteering makedonia for maker kids.

Selain maker kids, kami juga mengajak teman2 utk ikut menjadi volunteer dlm kegiatan makedonia lainnya yg mengkampanyekan Kolaborasi Inovasi yg bersifat adminstratif, operasional ataupun kreatif. Silahkan menghubungi manager kami, Rifan Sevilla di emaik yg sama: dengan subject: Volunteering with MakeDoNia.

Kami akan mengadakan volunteer meeting pada tanggal 21 maret untuk berbagi pengalaman ttg volunteering for innovation movement di MakeDoNia.

atas perhatian teman2 yg baik, saya pribadi mengucapkan banyak Terima Kasih.

Dina Kosasih
MakeDoNia Innovation
Making the Collaborative Innovation for Sustainable Development in Indonesia. – with Marcino, Devina, Yurry, MakeDoNia, Sofian, Viking, Danny, Dirra, Artanto, and Rifan

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Prissy little princess


I’m just a prissy little princess. I’m raised in royal family, living in a splendid castle, over protected as a precious jewel, disciplined in highly manners, and educated in gentle words with attitude. That’s why I’m different, sensitive, and very fragile.

I’m very careful in my actions, enjoy spending time alone in my lovely quorum, secluded myself from the outside world when it’s necessary.

I mingle with people nicely, but only few that i can trust in my most inner circle. I tend to be individual rather than social, for I respect my privacy importantly.
I’m loyal to those i have in my inner circle, nothing can ruin my respect for them.

I’m fully devoted to those I love most in life; never had a thought to hurt them nor break their hearts into pieces. Sharing my life and forgiving all flaws is my social nature for i believe that everyone deserves second chances.

When second chance is no longer appreciated, still i always leave loving foot prints in their lives because they will always be part of my life, and the memories will always be carried upon wherever I move on from them.

I’m just a prissy little princess, feminine and melancholic, but survive to live as a woman with attitude who keeps opening her heart and mind for sharing her beautiful life with.

© Dina Kosasih

Beautiful Life


I know that God loves me so much,
Everyday, he spoils me with the bright,
and smiling sunshine.
My life is always in His loving care and
He sent me loving angels,
So, I won’t be living alone.

I can’t thank God enough for the blessed life He granted me,
I can only continue living gratefully,

August 5, 2012
© Dina Kosasih

Before Sunrise

Photo courtesy of BlogKecil Project

My wandering mind was suddenly awake just right before sunrise.
It got weary and troubled, for something that it believes to be unreal.

My wandering mind, forced it capacity to work beyond what it could handle.
My wandering mind is exhausted, and what it needs is a beauty sleep.

August 3, 2012
© Dina Kosasih

A Heart Like a Child


God made woman beautiful and foolish; beautiful, that man might love her; and foolish, that she might love him. #Ihatequotes

To understand, and loving me completely, first of all, a man must have a heart like a child, for I’m not smart woman, but I often behave like insane, and my mind wanders like a child uncontrollably. Only young children understand how I think and how I love trully, and at no reason, they would love me unconditionally.

I have a niece (2.5 years old) and a nephew (8 years old) who love me so much as their most loved Aunty Dina. It seems they are always in love with me constantly, I myself trully never understand why my presence is often expected to brighten up their days. My niece would be prepared waiting for me once she is told that I’d be paying her a visit of the week, while my nephew kept asking my mom about me when he visited me from out of town and it took me hours to arrive home seeing him.

As an Aunt, I never appeared so lovely and adorable to them, as they are to me; as a prize for being adorable, I often present them with their favorite donuts or bakery. It stays in the back of my niece’s mind the first time I brought her donuts; and my nephew remembered exactly the theatre where I took him to see movie for the first time with my past boyfriend three years ago.

I never thought that I would make a good mother to my children in the future. As a single woman, I live my life to the fullest, eventhough that I’m not in relationship with anyone at the moment, I still enjoy living my life securely.

It’s not easy to mingle with young children, as they have their own irrational language to communicate that is difficult to understand by any logical minded adults. Babysitting young children doesn’t mean I’m not only supervising them attentively, but I have to play along with them, following whereever their imagination wander in their lala land. nevertheless, their unstoppable excitement to keep playing all day long that made me begging them desperately to go to sleep, so I could call the day off and get some rest too.

In fact, tho they are still childish, I treated my niece and nephew in a mature way. I never tolerated any of them when they are being unreasonably crancky, unviolent disciplinary is my tool to deal with them when they started misbehaving. My way and my rule, they must follow my order, uncompromised. Surprisingly, no matter how disciplined I treated my niece and nephew, they sincerely follow my style of educating them, they seem to understand how I really care for them, and they still love me so much unconditionally.

Meanwhile in reality, I often wonder, why I kept failing in relationships; am I not loving enough that my past boyfriends felt that I’m a cold hearted person, who never understand to love men; and therefore,it’s difficult to love me as an adult. To me, it’s unfair for them not trying to understand me, while I had tried so hard to make all my relationships with them to work.

In my silence, i remember about my niece and nephew; I wish there’s a man who could love me like them. They seem to understand that no matter how beautiful or foolish I look to them, how cheerful or messy I might appear when we spend time together; they always have faith that I love them sincerely, and that made me lovable Aunty whom they love so much.

To understand and loving me completely, a man must have a heart like a child. I’m not asking for a pure soul because I’ll be making so much flaws against them, intentionally or unittentionally. A man who has faith like my niece and nephew; no matter what I do, it’s for his own goodness, and I care so much sincerely, and to love me unconditionally.

The most precious possession that ever comes to a man in this world is a woman’s heart. #lostwords

July 28, 2012
© Dina Kosasih


Me Time

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When your physics started crying out for help; listen to it, don’t force it to undertake the tasks beyond its’ capacity. When you feel like you’re losing your grips in the reality, and couldn’t find your true self; have mercy on yourself, pull your true self together in one piece.
Your mind may take over the physical
tasks, but your brain still is a physical form that helps you to think and work, grant them a mercy. You should take a complete physical rest because your well-being needs to be recharged periodically.

I have missed my Me Time period for two months. I’m so overwhelmed with lot of things happening recently, and I neglect my physical exhaustion that needs a complete hybernation, which I claim as my Me Time.

Today, I’m setting all my gadgets off, no answering calls nor chatting with friends through messengers, I don’t even want to speak with anyone. I’m locking my door, staying in my lovely quorum and will be in sleeping mode for whole day; I’m on Me Time vacation.

BlogKecil Project will still be running during my vacation. I’m so grateful to have a supporting team who keeps contributing initiatives in my absences. I’m very proud to notice that BlogKecil Project hits 700 views in 7 days after its first initiative.

To all followers and viewers, Thanks for keeping in the loop with our initiatives and your tremendous supports; it means so much to us.

I wish everyone wonderful productive and enjoyable time for the rest of the week.

A self gentle reminder: when your physics suffer an exhaustion; have mercy, pull out from the reality spend some quality “Me Time” with yourself. You’ll return to the reality with a refresh mind, body, and soul

July 26, 2012
©Dina Kosasih