About Dina Kosasih

Welcome to my WordPress Blog page,

My name is Dina Kosasih, and this is my personal wordpress blog site, which I started in July 2010. I’m an Indonesian, living in Jakarta, and I enjoy working as free lance interpreter for market research companies.

The initial plan to have WordPress blog was to express my thought and ideas everyday through writing. But, writing is not my best specialty, and never had any thought to write any articles or books.

However, I have a great passion in Photography, therefore I hope that I can share it in this blog. Aside from this personal WordPress blog, my friends and I, who share the same passion in photography, started another wordpress blog that we named as BlogKecil Project in July 19, 2012. We are very proud of our firstborn project baby, for it sucessfully reached 1000 views in 10 days after the 1st initiative created. To learn about our cause and activities, please visit the blogsite at http://blogkecilproject.wordpress.com

Updating blogs and all social network websites that I have is much more effort to make than I ever imagined. So many things to update on my PC, with so many limited times. I’m now busier than I thought I would be, but I’ll try my best to write or upload post on my blog site. If you can’t find any latest post from this blog, please feel free to enjoy my initiatives posted at BlogKecil

Hope you enjoy my blog, and comments are always welcomed!

August 3, 2012
Dina Kosasih


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